Сreative ideas to ask a girl to prom

Creative ideas to ask a girl to prom


When it comes to creative ideas to ask a girl to prom, the possibilities are endless. While you do not want to be too “porn star” or something along those lines, you do want to be original and memorable. In this article I am going to share with you some of my creative ideas to ask a girl to prom. Hopefully these will inspire you and help you put your best foot forward when it comes time for prom.

One of the first creative ideas to ask a girl to prom that I want to share is using “prom night jingles”. There are a lot of places on the web that offer free jingles for prom nights. If you can find one that offers free jingles and you use it in your speech, you should have no problems getting her attention and asking her to go with you to the prom.

Another creative ideas to ask a girl to prom is to send her a CD of your prom songs. This should really set the tone for the evening. Girls love music and if they can hear and enjoy your songs while you’re trying to get their attention they will remember you during the prom night. Make sure you get your music in advance though or she might decide to delete it. If you wait until the last minute to get the music, you risk losing your chance of becoming prom king.

Another creative ideas to ask a girl to prom, that I think is important, but often overlooked, are to wear matching tights and a skirt that go straight down the middle of her legs. This makes you look super impressive and romantic. It also makes you a hero amongst your classmates. If you are not a ballerina, go with black or white floor length dress pants instead. If you are really confident about your dancing skills to pick a pair of ankle boots.

For another creative idea, ask your date to do a couple dance moves that you have watched on YouTube. This is a great idea because you both already have some great dancing skills and the memory of it will be fresh in your minds for years to come. If she is still nervous to ask her to do one of these moves and practice it that night before going out on the town.

One of my favorite creative ideas to ask a girl to prom is to bring her to an indoor soccer game and ask her to kick on the soccer ball. While you’re at the game, have your date or whoever is being invited to join in with you. As you’re taking turns kicking the ball, sing out loud “she scores” and whoever gets the farthest wins the prize. It’s a great ice breaker activity that everyone loves. You can even make up rules and set a time limit so no one gets too comfortable.

Another creative idea to ask a girl to prom is to give her a scavenger hunt to help her stay on track. Assemble a variety of items such as Hershey’s chocolate bars, a plastic doll kit, bubble solution, coloring pages, etc… As you ask her to identify things and then to complete the scavenger hunt. As the night goes on, have everyone join in on the scavenger hunt to try to guess what is in each room.

Last but not least, another creative idea to ask a girl to prom is to have a spa night that includes clay, rollers, and tanning beds. Have all your girls and their dates brought towels, bath beads, and lots of lotion. Have the bride or groom serve as the “model” and have her stand in front of a camera. Have the cameras record her for later and let her know who she has been “dating” throughout the years. As the night goes on, have the guests try to guess who the model is.